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With nearly 5M views and 80k comments, this video has been a topic of conversation since the moment it was shot.


Honest Man

When looking at a photograph jars your memory.. it can be both the moment captured, and the story around the moment.



This video came together over 2 freezing cold days in LA. One outside that was raining and the other in a dark and damp abandoned warehouse. The mood of the final product echos this eeriness.

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Liver Performances

Distance - Live @ the Gift Shop LA

These beautiful vidoes were shot in a single day in DTLA at the stunning loft studios of mix engineer Jon Castelli. Between the space and the background singers we caught something pretty special I'd say!

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What If - Live @ the Gift Shop LA

The 2nd of the Gift Shop series videos, this is an original holiday song I wrote because I love the bloody holidays. YAY!

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Runner - Live w/ Brandon Stansell

After being stuck inside for so long, we needed to make some noise. Brandon's haunting verse on this version really gets me!

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Jealous - Live in Studio

I don't usually sing other people's music, but this Labrinth song vibrates me to my core. I really love the single-take camera work here too. Luke, the Director of Photography at Orange Robot, got all up in my space to capture the emotion here. Worth it. Thanks Luke!

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